I've had an amazing, rewarding, and fulfilling time at the Commercial Spaceflight Federation these past 3 years. As most of you know, my background is in engineering, and I've always been equally passionate about getting back out in the field and building some spacecraft. If I could work two jobs at once, I'd love to have both stayed at CSF and taken my new position, but who could resist the fun of building spaceships? So after some very careful consideration, including a discussion over the last few months with the other CSF leadership about ensuring that the CSF will continue just as strongly in my absence, I've decided to move to a new position in the commercial spaceflight industry as an aerospace engineer.

Specifically, my new position is as a member of the engineering staff at Arkyd Astronautics (a Commercial Spaceflight Federation member company by the way), a commercial company which develops technology and systems to enable low-cost commercial robotic exploration of the solar system. This is an incredibly exciting and worthwhile goal, and I am excited to be joining this start-up company.

At CSF I've made some amazing friendships and worked with phenomenal colleagues - please stay in touch! It's sad to be leaving CSF, but the organization is in great hands under the leadership of the staff (Alex Saltman and Sirisha Bandla), and all of the officers.

There's a famous saying, "Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing," and I think that saying definitely applies to both my previous job and my new job.

Let's change the world! :-)