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Commercial Spaceflight Video

Posted by Matthew Isakowitz on Tuesday, November 15, 2011, In : Commercial Spaceflight 

Below is the link to our latest Commercial Spaceflight Federation video which we unveiled this summer:

"Commercial Spaceflight: The Great Adventure of the 21st Century"
(Video link:)
(HD version:)
Length: 1 minute 31 seconds


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Bookshelf Reviews #1: Asimov on Astronomy

Posted by Matthew on Sunday, November 13, 2011, In : Bookshelf Reviews 

[The first in a series of planned posts where I review books on my bookshelf - this always brings back great memories!]

Asimov on Astronomy occupies a special place on my bookshelf, because it was the first Isaac Asimov book I ever read. 

I grabbed this unassuming volume, with its pages somewhat faded and a few stuck together from some long-ago wear (perhaps a coffee spill?), off of my grandfather’s bookshelf when I was about eight.  I’d been drawn in by the book’s cover, which depicted S...

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